The Countdown Begins

30 Aug 11

Hey Folks,

The countdown actually began about 10 months ago when I was informed I would be deploying this fall for 120 days to an undisclosed location.  Mostly it was undisclosed because no one really knew where we were going, just that we were going.  In the weeks and months that followed we learned we would be heading back to al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. Qatar is a little peninsula of a desert country reaching out into the Persian Gulf on the eastern border of Saudi Arabia.  It’s flat, brown, dusty, hot and humid, and in about 2 weeks I’ll be able to tell you just how much so it is this time of year.

Our orders started today and for the next three days we will be going through numerous briefings to prepare us for the deployment. We’re expecting to be released Friday afternoon to spend a long weekend at home with family and then report back to base the following week when we depart. Then, about 120 days later I’ll be back home.

I started this blog as a way to connect to everyone back home and give you all some idea of what my day-to-day life is like while I’m deployed.  Rather than inundate everyone’s inbox with semi-regular e-mail updates that you might feel obligated to read, I decided to give you the option this time around to check in from time to time and see what I’ve been up to overseas.  I started sending out email chronicles of my adventures back in 2002 when I went to Antarctica for a couple of weeks and received a lot of positive feedback from those e mails.  I continued them through my actual deployments to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Qatar in 2004-05.

I’ll be posting the Antarctic Adventures, Kerblackistan Kronicles and Iraqi Indiqatar letters home over the next few days and weeks in case you have any interest in reading back on my little slice of history. I’ll do my best to include pictures, past and present as well. Unfortunately I lost the electronic copies of my Antarctic Adventures, so I’ll have to type those in as I dig up the hard copies that Heidi was nice enough to save in a photo album for me.  Check the side bars on the right of the screen to see the categories and what I’ve posted under each of them.

Feel free to contact me any time.  One thing I know won’t change this time around and that is the burning desire to hear every detail about life at home.  As I get to know the inner workings of this blogging stuff I’ll know more about how to stay connected here.  In the meantime, feel free to leave comments or ask a questions.


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