About The Indiqatar

Although my blog is only a few months old, I’ve been working towards something like it on and off for many years.  It started around the turn of the century with an e mail from my good friend Swegs. Ol’ Swegs was in Antarctica at the time, and sent home tales of his exploits, which I read with great interest. I wanted to be in Antarctica and I wanted folks back home to be interested in what I was doing, I wanted to be more like Swegs, but then don’t we all?

I went to Antarctica the following year, and true to my word, I wrote home, tales wonderful to tell and tales I didn’t dare tell. These Antarctic Adventure e mails were well received; teacher friends were sharing them with their class, folks were forwarding them on to other folks whom I never knew. I was enjoying the re-introduction of my fingers to the keyboard, as well as the alliteration.

Apparently, I did good work in Antarctica, or they ran out of warm bodies to fill the slot. Either way, when I got home, they called and asked me to come back after Christmas. How could I say no? Little did I know at the time, I would be introduced to my future wife, in a roundabout sort of way, on that second tour.

Then Swegs, probably unwittingly, one upped me by getting deployed to Germany for about 6 months. I read of his tales of European Exploits with great interest, and great jealousy as I sat in a dorm room at Maxwell AFB, AL hacking away at Squadron Officer School.  There wasn’t much to write home about at SOS, but apparently there is plenty to write about when you’re fighting the War on Terror from Germany.

My own deployment flag went up in November 2003 when I was called to activation for 2 years. My sleepy little base in NE Ohio was now fully engaged in the war effort, and I felt my secondary duty was to report from the front lines, to all my peeps back home.  The Kerblackistan Kronicles were born in December ’03. No one knew where Kyrgyzstan was at the time, and more importantly no one knew how to spell or even pronounce it. That, and we have this stuff in the Air Force called OpSec which limits the amount of information one is supposed to share with folks who lack the need to know. Kerblackistan was the perfect coverup, in my mind.

The Kronicles were followed soon after by a short-lived attempt at a Germany Gazette, but that never saw delivery. Then it was back to a different war in a different theater and the Iraqi Indiqatar came to life.  Now, with the spate of new blogging technology available to any chucklehead with a modicum of writing skills, I decided to go modern with The Indiqatar.

I find myself back in the Middle East, mostly fighting the war behind a desk now, but in it nonetheless. While the level of excitement isn’t what it used to be, I thought the Indiqatar would be a good way to continue my connection with the folks back home.  Feel free to browse the pages and posts, and by all means leave me a comment or two, but please keep it clean because my Mom reads this stuff too.


2 Responses to About The Indiqatar

  1. Pah, you should update this page. At least tell us how much beer that glass is holding – were you at a German beer festival?

    • CaseKeibs says:

      You’re not the first person to recommend that I update this page. I figured most of the folks reading this would know who I am already, but not so in your case, huh?

      That picture was taken at the acme of all German Beer Festivals, Oktoberfest in Munich a few years back. As to how much beer that glass was holding, not enough because I kept having to get it refilled!

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